Founded in 1955, under the name of, Crown Imballaggi Italia  is nowadays - with its 4 plants and more than 800 employees - the largest Italian manufacturer of metal packaging for food and one of the major manufacturers in Europe.

Created to satisfy the growing demand of tin plate cans of the Italian tomatoes and tuna Packers, Crown Imballaggi Italia has distinguished itself from other can makers as a result of diversification of its products, taking advantage of an up-to-date and wide technical and technological know-how on an international level of research.

A pioneer of the aluminium cans business, we were a major participant in the rapid growth of aluminium Round ( Straight, Conical and Spherical) and shaped aluminium cans. Crown Imballaggi Italia is also world wide recognised as high level manufacturer of both tin plate and aluminium Easy-open ends.

Going forward, Crown Imballaggi's overall growth strategy is designed to enhance our market leadership and customer satisfaction by continuing to add value to products of our clients. We will continue to be focused on the innovation of packaging solutions.

Today Crown Imballaggi Italia is part of CROWN - the world leading metal packaging supplier - and takes advantages of being part of this great organization through the research center of Wantage ( UK).

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